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    Two changes that allow growing patient volume without negative impact [4-min. video]

    Posted by Nordic on May 3, 2016 2:58:36 PM

    Now more than ever, growing patient volume is critical to the health of your business. But what happens when your patient volume increases and nothing else changes? Chances are you’ll experience more variability, and your operation may suffer from increased wait times and potential safety concerns.

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    Topics: queueing theory, standardizing service delivery, maximize capacity, patient referrals, supply and demand

    [4-min. video] Finding the perfect number of patients

    Posted by Nordic on Feb 3, 2016 1:05:46 PM

    What kind of patient volume can you handle before patients get frustrated with wait times? Before the variability impacts patient safety, outcomes? There's an inflection point where the optimal volume meets optimal outcomes. In this video, Nordic Director of Optimization Rick Shepardson explains where that point is and how smart organizations find it. 

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    Topics: queueing theory, patient volume, supply and demand, Little's Law

    Apply supply and demand to grow strategically while increasing revenue and reputation

    Posted by Rick Shepardson on Jan 20, 2016 8:50:10 AM

    The model of supply and demand has been popular in economics for centuries. With the evolving changes in healthcare and government policies, this concept is more relevant to healthcare than ever before. The price of oil is down, in part, because of the glut of supply available on the marketplace. Middle Eastern countries are betting that as prices remain low, newer oil producers in the U.S., who have a higher production cost per barrel than the Mideast, will close their doors. That would reduce supply and competition, and the price of oil would go back up, assuming electric and solar don’t take the country by storm by then.

    Let’s relate this to common healthcare economics. Imagine if census days dropped 30 percent, and unused clinic visits increased by 20 percent. Prices would surely decrease, and organizations would be looking at ways to increase their patient population or face contraction. If healthcare organizations downsized to fewer staff and beds, and suddenly all of the patients returned, what might happen?

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    Topics: queueing theory, patient demand, lean six sigma, supply and demand, Little's Law

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