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    [Visiting Madison?] Try one of our favorite cocktails

    Posted by Nordic on Sep 17, 2016 8:12:00 AM

    We’ve already offered some tips on where to start your day in Madison with a coffee or a morning run. Now let’s talk about unwinding at the end of a long day. If this September isn’t your first time in Madison, you’ve probably tasted or heard about Wisconsin's unofficial state drink, the brandy old fashioned. While we love this classic, we hope you’ll enjoy some of our other local favorites. We recruited a few Nordic team members to share their preferred potent potables from around town.

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    [Visiting Madison?] Where to go on your morning run

    Posted by Nordic on Sep 13, 2016 3:26:45 PM

    While you’re visiting our hometown, we want your day to start off right. We’ve already poured over our love of local coffee shops, but if you’re planning to wake up with a morning run, you couldn’t pick many cities better than Madison. In addition to being America’s health IT hub, Madison has over 200 miles of trails that offer scenic views of the lakes, forests, wildlife, and, of course, the Capitol building. Here are a few suggested routes from the Nordic team to help you hit the ground running (or walking, or a little bit of both).

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    [Visiting Madison?] Where to get your caffeine kick

    Posted by Nordic on Sep 10, 2016 8:11:00 AM

    While you’re in Madison, you can probably expect long days of educational sessions and evenings filled with networking events (like our Open House.) Since you might need a kick of caffeine while you’re in the Badger State, a few members of the Nordic team have volunteered to help you out by sharing their favorite hometown coffee shops:

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    Highlights from Nordic's 2015 Open House during UGM

    Posted by Nordic on Sep 25, 2015 10:31:07 AM

    A few weeks ago, Nordic hosted its fourth annual Open House during UGM. Thanks to everyone who made it to the party. We hope you had a great time. If you missed it or just want to take a break from your day to relive the fun, check out the pictures and videos below and also see how the party helped raise money for returning veterans. 

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    Nordic helping the veterans, unemployed workers during Epic's UGM week

    Posted by Nordic on Aug 28, 2015 12:41:00 PM

    Nordic is working up with local organizations to benefit veterans and unemployed local residents during the week of Epic’s UGM.

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    Madison-area restaurant recommendations while you're at UGM

    Posted by Nordic on Aug 27, 2015 1:47:00 PM

    If you’re looking for great restaurants while you’re in Madison for UGM, well, they’re all around you. Whether you’re traveling to South Central Wisconsin for the first time or you’re a UGM veteran, there are plenty of unique dining experiences in our home city. We’d like to offer you a few suggestions. We asked some members of Nordic to offer up their favorite restaurants. Some of them are Madison classics, while others may not be as well known.

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    Join Nordic in the Tour de Cure

    Posted by Scott Gierman on May 1, 2015 11:24:00 AM

    By Scott Gierman, Nordic Marketing Team

    For the last six years, Nordic Senior Project Manager Troy Dreyer has participated in the Madison Tour de Cure, which benefits the American Diabetes Association each spring. He will be riding again at this year’s event on Saturday, May 16.

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    New to You? Highlights from Nordic’s 2014

    Posted by Nordic on Jan 9, 2015 6:32:00 AM

    We had an amazing year at Nordic in 2014. In case you missed some of the excitement, here are some of the biggest stories and thought leadership from the year. Enjoy!

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    Madison relaxes after UGM

    Posted by Nordic on Sep 24, 2014 11:06:00 AM

    We're all still recovering from a busy week of Epic UGM 2014. Nordic artist Sara Albrecht-Chubrilo captured the sentiment in Madison.

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