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    Rolling out to an owned site versus via Community Connect: Nordic’s take

    Posted by Nordic on May 11, 2016 9:27:16 AM

    When extending your EHR, there are many things to consider. Nordic VP of Affiliate Solutions Abby Polich answers a question that clients often ask. What's different about rolling out to an owned site compared to extending your EHR to an idependent site via Community Connect?

    Watch this video for Abby's take. If you don't have your headphones with you, you can read the transcript below.

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    Video Transcript

    Hi, my name's Abby Polich, and I'm Nordic's vice president of Affiliate Solutions. One of the reoccurring questions I get from clients about rolling out your system, is the difference between rolling out to an owned site versus an independent site via Community Connect methodology. We see three main differences at Nordic.

    Abby_Affiliate.jpgThe first one is that now you're becoming a vendor. You're no longer just an IT department, but you are acting as that software, that services vendor, and so that then leads into our second issue, which is customer service. Just as you as a healthcare organization rely heavily on your vendors and assume that if you've got questions that they're going to be there to respond with that 110 percent customer service, now you have to be that customer service and that vendor to your affiliates as well.

    Finally the third piece is staffing. We recommend that you staff individuals that are seasoned expert analysts in the system and who can work and act as that vendor and as that ambassador when they go out in the community and talk to your affiliates. Your affiliates are going to have questions, so having someone who can answer those questions effectively the first time is key.

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