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    Nordic video series: “I Heart Cupid” wrap-up

    Posted by Nordic on Jan 28, 2015 3:45:00 AM

    We hope you enjoyed I Heart Cupid, our recent video series about Epic’s cardiac application, Cupid. If you missed any episodes, we’ve linked them all below.

    I-Heart-Cupid.jpgDuring a recent visit we were able to sit with two of our experts on Epic’s Cupid application. Join Nordic Practice Director Andy Oberle as he fires questions to Blake Dilworth and Carl Swift about this maturing Epic cardiac application.

    Below are links to all four episodes and the topics discussed in each video. Or watch the entire YouTube playlist.

    If you are interested in evaluating, planning, or implementing Cupid at your organization, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

    I Heart Cupid Episode 1

    • What is Cupid?
    • What procedural areas does Cupid cover?
    • What is the difference between Cupid and Radiant?
    • How has Cupid evolved over the past five years?

    I Heart Cupid Episode 2

    • Why would a CIO include Cupid in a first-phase go-live?
    • What are the pitfalls of not including Cupid in that first phase?
    • What are some exciting trends coming in Cupid?

    I Heart Cupid Episode 3

    • What sets Cupid apart from other clinical applications?
    • What’s with the name? (Brief fun interlude)
    • What are some of the common stumbling blocks when installing Cupid?

    I Heart Cupid Episode 4

    • How can the Cupid team get other teams involved at the appropriate time in the project?
    • What key qualities should I look for in my Cupid staff?
    • What are some additional stumbling blocks clients face when installing Cupid?

    Topics: implementation, Epic Radiant, Epic Cupid

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