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    How remote support can free you for more important go-live and upgrade tasks

    Posted by Nordic on Apr 25, 2017 9:23:29 AM

    You never see a race car driver pull over and change his or her own tires or fill up the gas tank. They have pit crews that are trained to support them. The crew monitors issues and fixes them with expert efficiency. The driver has enough things to worry about and an eye on the finish line.

    The same can be said of your team during a go-live or upgrade. There are constant increased support needs, but you want your team driving the car with the on-the-ground work, not changing tires.

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    [EHR security assessments] Your path to optimization

    Posted by June Stacey on Apr 7, 2017 12:52:05 PM

    When you started working in your current office, you probably didn’t need a key to every door in the building to do your job. You also probably didn’t need to go to the hardware store and create a custom key for every single door that you do need to enter. But for some healthcare organizations, their EHR security is similarly inefficient. With the help of Epic’s templates and a strong governance structure, you can remove a lot of the security hurdles that slow down your team. A security assessment is your first step.

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    Nordic is hitting the road

    Posted by Nordic on Mar 28, 2017 9:53:56 AM

    While Nordic calls Madison home, our team members are spread across the United States. In an effort to stay connected with you, the best and brightest in the industry, we’re packing our suitcases and hitting the road. Nordic’s meet-ups are a great time to network with other industry professionals, learn more about Nordic, and talk all things healthcare.

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    Topics: events, Candidates, #NordicRoadTrip

    Think, Act, Adapt with Urgency

    Posted by Nordic on Mar 23, 2017 9:10:14 AM

    “Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.” -Nolan Ryan

    You may not be a Hall of Fame baseball player, but applying Nolan Ryan’s knowledge about the importance of adapting can assist you in becoming an all-star in the health IT industry. Our maxim “Think, Act, Adapt with Urgency” is part of the daily routine for Nordic employees.

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    Recipe for effective strategic healthcare IT consulting

    Posted by Josh Kalscheur on Mar 21, 2017 1:48:21 PM

    Nordic was recently recognized for having the single largest number of positive responses across all consulting firms in KLAS’ Healthcare Consulting: Who can help with current and future needs? This report compares feedback gathered from 176 providers on their opinions of success attributes and common struggles with their third-party partners. In this report, Nordic stands alone with the largest number of success attributes identified by the organizations we partner with. Hear from Josh Kalscheur, Nordic’s Advisory Services practice director, about what Nordic believes is the “secret” to providing effective strategic consulting.

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    Topics: KLAS, Advisory, strategic consulting

    3 tips for Epic interfaces from Senior Consultant Lee Coleman

    Posted by Nordic on Mar 14, 2017 3:42:33 PM

    Your EHR has a major impact across your organization. Integrating systems can understandably cause some apprehension among individuals who are concerned about how they'll be affected. Senior Consultant Lee Coleman has some simple but important advice to help you put the puzzle pieces together for a successful Epic integration.

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    Topics: Epic Interfaces

    [International Women’s Day] Four things everyone can do to #BeBoldForChange

    Posted by Samantha Tiller-Schenck on Mar 8, 2017 7:21:32 AM

    If you have the chance to walk around Nordic’s home office in Madison and stumble upon our marketing team, you’ll notice an “Everyday’s a Holiday” calendar hanging on our wall. Most mornings, the team gathers around the calendar to see what we plan to celebrate. When looking ahead to March, I noticed that “International Women’s Day” (IWD) wasn’t listed. I channeled my inner Sheryl Sandberg, asked why “Proof Reading Day” took precedence, and sought to understand more about IWD.  

    Tackling women’s issues is a big job. So, IWD recommends that we (men and women alike) focus on gender parity within our own spheres of influence. This year’s campaign, #BeBoldForChange, encourages us to find ways to cultivate an inclusive environment, challenge bias, promote gender-balanced leadership, and value the contributions of men and women equally in our day-to-day lives. (Photo below: Just some of our amazing Nordic women.)

    As women in a male-dominated field, there are small and large actions that will create an impact on our company’s cultures, our professional development, and personal growth:

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    Topics: culture

    Population Health: An old-school approach to handling requests of your IT team [podcast]

    Posted by Nordic on Mar 7, 2017 9:24:34 AM

    Have you ever sat down with your grandparents, or other "more seasoned" folk, and talked about the the good old days? If so, chances are they've mentioned how everybody today is "in such a hurry." And it's true. We are in a hurry. We're resource challenged without enough time to achieve the results that our stakeholders desire - if not demand.

    As we all rush to figure out population health and value-based care, IT departments can easily get into the trap of just "working down the list of requests." At least we're getting things done, right? 

    But the question is, "Are we getting the right things done?"

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    Topics: Epic Consulting, population health, Advisory, Agile

    #HIMSS17 fun, takeaways, giving [recap]

    Posted by Nordic on Mar 3, 2017 3:28:01 PM

    The one thing that makes all the hassles of event travel, hotels, crowds, buses, and overpriced convention food worth it is this: relationships. Nothing beats getting face-to-face with the people with whom you partner, work, or serve. That's why events are important and why we strive to make the most of our time while we're all together in the same geography. HIMSS17 was another great chance to do that. And for that, we are, once again, grateful. Read, watch, and experience some of the fun, the takeaways, and the giving that we were lucky to be a part of this year at HIMSS17. 

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    Topics: CHIME, population health, Affiliate Solutions, YearUp, Feed America, HIStalkapalooza, Project Hope, HIMSS17

    Keys to a successful requirements gathering process [#HIMSS17]

    Posted by Nordic on Feb 24, 2017 10:06:53 AM

    One of the most significant areas that can impact the end result of an EHR project is requirements gathering. In this video, Manager of Optimization Solutions Kelsey Bonney discusses requirements collection, which was the topic of a learning session she attended at HIMSS this week.

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    Topics: EHR, communication strategies, HIMSS17

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